The "Red Ribbon" Message

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Magnolia Middle School is just one of many schools participating in Red Ribbon Week activities.

Students gathered Wednesday to listen to speakers such as counselor, Hayley Shirley, and Maj. Ward Calhoun of the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department.

The topic was the importance of a drug-free and healthy lifestyle.

"We want to help them be able to stand up to the crowd and say no to drugs, alcohol, and tobacco," said Shirley. "We are also focusing on this month, as part of our character education program, responsibility. So we are promoting making healthy choices and responsible choices where you are actually contributing to your community."

Katy Iverson, 12, cut off 13 inches of her hair and donated it to ''Locks of Love''.

The group helps young people who have lost their hair because of different afflictions, such as cancer.

You may call 681-4048 for more information about Locks of Love.