As with most parents, Dr. Deanna Price's daughter, Isabelle is the apple of her eye. Although caring, she says parents often fail to realize the importance of children drinking plenty of fluids, especially when outside.

"Children don't recognize dehydration and for the first mechanism to kick in a child is already two to three percent dehydrated."

Symptoms of dehydration include: leg cramps, dizziness, feeling faint, possible vomiting and if not treated, death!

While outside playing Dr. Price says children seven and under should take breaks every 20 minutes and drink at least five ounces of water or sports drink. This is about five ounces. As for children seven and over she says breaks every 20 minutes are also needed, but instead they should drink about nine ounces of fluids. Here's something you might already know but it never hurts to be reminded, Dr. Price says chilled fluids are better because they help cool the body faster.

Because children produce more heat than adults and sweat less, Dr. Price says children are more likely to dehydrate than adults. With the start of school and high school football season around the corner, Dr. Price offers this advice to students.

"All you have to do is drink and that's what's so sad about these kind of deaths."

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