Assault Victim Speaks Out

This is far from a typical day at work for Robert Donald. In fact, this is his first week back to work since a brutal attack a little over two weeks while he was alone at his camp house just outside Quitman.

"When I came out of the shower, I hear a bumping sound on the porch and I saw a guy standing out on the porch with a shotgun. I thought someone was playing a joke on me," said Donald.

It wasn't a joke. As Donald went to get his pistol, he says four black males broke into the house demanding money and then beat him with the shotgun and a bat.

"They had told me to lay on the floor and one of them told the other one with the shotgun, 'If he moves blow him away'," Donald said.

Once the burglars left, Donald drove looking for help and later had to receive almost 500 layered stitches to the head.

"When I first saw Robert I wasn't sure if he would live or die," said his wife Nancy.

Although several scars are visible, Donald says there are many more that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

"My wife has always been carefree and every time she moves now, she thinks of someone terrorizing her. It's just made a change in our lives," said the alderman.

Donald's assault was one of about a dozen other recent robberies, burglaries or assaults in the area that remain unsolved. Investigators say they are probably connected. Anyone with information that could lead to convictions in the cases could receive a reward of up to $6,000. The Clarke County Crimestoppers number is (601) 934-7601.

With the burglaries are still unsolved, this week in a special called meeting, the Quitman Board of Aldermen voted to implement a curfew for Halloween. All trick or treating must end at 5:30 p.m. and only children 12 and under are allowed to participate.

An organizational meeting for Neighborhood Watch in Clarke County will be held Nov. 6 at the Quitman Depot. Anyone interested in participating is asked to attend.