Moving Memorial Here

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In Washington D.C., people stand in awe in front of a wall that has captured the memory of thousands by simply displaying their names, and now people can share that experience without leaving Meridian.

A replica of the Vietnam Memorial, called the "Moving Wall", will spend one week in Meridian at Bonita Lakes Mall.

"A way for healing, to help cope with what they have been going through. Instead of traveling a thousand miles to D.C., they can travel a hundred to a place like Meridian to visit and that helps," said organizer, Jim Swartz.

The wall will stand 10 feet tall, 256 feet long, and display more than 50,000 names of those who died in the Vietnam War.

It will be open 24 hours a day for one week, starting Saturday. It's free to the public, although donations are encouraged.

"We have materials for people to etch names off the wall and ladders to get people with higher names," Swartx said.

Friday morning a wall about half the size of the one in Washington D.C., will be erected along a plywood stage, bringing the reality of one of the most controversial wars right here to Meridian.

"Hopefully, it will allow them to heal and deal with all the anxiety they had to go through for being in Vietnam," said Swartz.

The wall will head to Florence, Kentucky, after its Meridian run, leaving behind its legacy and a reminder of what was lost in a war that has clearly not been forgotten.