Children First: What's New at School?

From students with pagers and cell phones to parking lots filled with students' cars, it's easy to see that things have changed at school over the years.

"Our students are much more mature now. They're much more worldly," said Jane Swanson, a teacher for fifteen years. "They do not like a lot of seatwork and activities. They want to be active all of the time."

In everything from fashion to refreshments, things have definitely changed. We asked some students what they think school was like for their parents.

"Boring and more strict!" said Alexandra White.

"I think it was easy for them and stuff, because they didn't have many rules," Jamara Hudson said.

"Some things have changed and some have not," said Magnolia Middle School principal, Cythia Pouncey. "Some are still the same. Children are children. Children want to know what's expected of them and if you give them the expectations, they will rise to that."

While many might argue that change is good, others perhaps would disagree. Meanwhile one thing is for sure, there are some things about school that, more than likely, never will change.