Lockheed, A Month Later

These days things are much calmer at Lockheed Martin in Marion. With almost 80%t of the workers back on the job, Lockheed officials say things are slowly returning to normal.

Since the shooting spree, counselors from Weems Mental Health Center have been at the plant each day talking with workers.

"I think it's a slow process for many. I do see that a lot of workers are coping pretty well with it, to be honest with you," said counselor Amy Mosley.

Aside from talking about it, Mosley says in order to recover, a return to a normal routine is important. That's why, after Monday, counselors will no longer be on the site, but instead on call for as long as needed.

As for the investigation, Sheriff Billy Sollie says a number of people are still being questioned. He also says with the investigation ongoing, it's too early to say if the incident was racially motivated.

As for the NAACP probe, officials say they still have reason to believe that the incident was racially motivated. They say they are still questioning individuals close to all parties involved.