District 83 Candidates Discuss Issues

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Clarke County included. The incumbent is Greg Snowden, a Republican. The challenger is Donald Price, a Democrat.

Each was asked what they would bring to the job, if elected Nov. 4.

"I'll bring exactly what I said I would bring four years ago, which is to be a strong voice and effective leader for east Mississippi," said Snowden.

"I will be bringing a person with a different way of looking at Mississippi," said Price.

Price brought up the fact that the House is controlled by Democrats. He was asked if party affiliation made a difference.

"Yes, because I believe there are some fundamental true differences between the two parties," Price said. "One is, I believe, very much promoting of large business and large economic factors and another one is much more compassionate and interested in the normal person who's going to the polls on Tuesday."

"Well, it does make a difference," responded Snowden. "And Mr. Price just indicated he is an ideological Democrat and that's fine. There are some in the House that are ideological Republicans, but the truth is Republicans and Democrats have to work together in the House of Representatives. That's the only way anything gets done. We don't organize by party in the House of Representatives. We have Republican committee chairmen. We have Democratic committee chairmen. You have to get along with everyone."

The complete On the Record program featuring the Price and Snowden interview will be seen Sunday at 5:30 P.M. on WTOK-TV.