Club Gets New Director, New Life

Known as "A Positive Place for Kids," the local Boys and Girls Club hopes to become even more "kid friendly."

Longtime veteran of the club Ricky Hood recently returned as executive director for the East Mississippi Boys and Girls Clubs. He says when students return to the main building on 45th Avenue next week, they will see many changes. The building is getting somewhat of a makeover. Complete with new tile and carpeting, Hood says the program is getting a boost on all levels. This includes letting the children have more input.

"I think many times we form our programs on what we like to do or on what we think they like to do but what we're doing here is we're asking them. Years ago I would tell people we serve 500 or 700 kids but today I want to take it to a different level. What are we doing with those 500 kids?”

One of the areas Hood plans to strengthen is the educational part of the program. With this in mind he says more volunteers, especially certified teachers, are needed for tutoring. He also says he plans to offer and strengthen initiatives that will attract more teenagers back to the club.

To volunteer or find out more about ongoing efforts at the Boys and Girls Club call (601) 482-2544.

"I think it takes a team approach and if we don't have a team approach then we're not going to be successful," says Hood.