Hitting the Books Again

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Lauderdale County School Superintendent David Little said the first day of classes for his district went smoothly. And for the next 180 days, students will be hitting the books, trying to improve on a successful year past, and they didn't waste any time getting started.

"They'll be getting their books, their textbooks, and be getting assignments. So parents can expect for the children to have homework tonight," said Little.

Southeast High School's new principal Billy Burnham had his first day with students Monday. He said, in spite of the pressure on him from students, teachers and parents, he's excited about his new job.

"It's part of the job. Everybody has a job that has some kind of pressure on it," Burnham said. "I enjoy working with the students. I enjoy pulling things together and organizing them and trying to improve the school."

At Clarkdale Attendance Center, Principal Jan Miller has around 1,000 students enrolled. She said their first day back was great.

"It's almost like we didn't even have a summer. It's just like clockwork, a great, great start," Miller said.

Some students were glad to be back in school, too. From elementary to high school, friends and a desire to learn has them ready to get to it.

"Just learning about everybody and getting to meet new people," said 8th grader Matt Hamburg.

"My most favorite thing about being back in school is being with my friends and learning new things," said Jordan Lowe, a 3rd grader at Clarkdale.

"I have mixed emotions because I'm starting my last year," said Laura Pickard, a Clarkdale senior. "Then I'm going to have to go into the real world. On the other hand I'm excited because you're on top of the totem pole."