GOP Focuses on East Mississippi

The republican candidate for state attorney general, Scott Newton, was back in Meridian campaigning Monday.

Newton is a former federal prosecutor and FBI agent. Newton said if elected, he wants to set up a satellite office in meridian.

"With investigators and prosecutors to help support the local law enforcement community, Sheriff Sollie and the others and also the district attorney's office, to help prosecute cases," said Newton. "And I understand that to fight crime, you can't do it solely from Jackson."

Newton is opposed by democrat Jim Hood in the race for attorney general.

Republican Tate Reeves, candidate for state treasurer, was among those who spent time in meridian, only hours from the opening of the polls.

Reeves focused on his business background.

"I manage hundreds of millions of dollars for Mississippians and their local government, including bond issue proceeds, school district funds and individual trust accounts," Reeves said. "On a daily basis, I help my clients meet their financial obligations. People in Mississippi want to elect a businessman. We need to bring new and innovative ideas to state government.

Reeves' opponent is democrat Gary Anderson, a longtime state employee.