Police Probe Death

Police found Lamen Clemons, 48, dead in his home around midday Saturday after a relative reported him missing that morning.

In 1996, Clemons, who owned a locksmith company in Meridian, ran for the Third Congressional District seat against Chip Pickering. Clemons lived in Philadelphia with his two sons. One is fourteen. The other is in his early twenties.

Police say they found Clemons shot multiple times in a bedroom. No one else was home.

Investigators say Clemons was last seen Thursday, by a relative. It was on that day that his abandoned work van was also discovered by police about two streets away from his home.

Police say they do not have a motive or any suspects.

"We're still gathering all the evidence we can get," said Chief David Edwards of the Philadelphia Police Department. "The state crime lab is here doing some preliminary work for us. State investigators have been called in to assist our investigators in this investigation."

Edwards says autopsy results should be available within the next day or so.