Board Approves Tax Resolution

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The Lauderdale County School Board approved a tax resolution for 2003-2004 school year that will be sent to the board of supervisors. Superintendent David Little said there will not be an increase.

"Actually our taxes dropped this year," said Little. "Last year we had an operational levy of 46.41 mills. This year it dropped to 43.11 mills so we dropped 3.3. mills."

A mill represents $1.00 per year in taxes on a $100,000 home, meaning owners of homes of that value would pay $3.30 less than they did last year.

Little said the decrease is due to an action taken by the legislature.

"The legislature approved MAEP (Mississippi Adequate Educational Program). They fully funded it this year and what we've been saying the past couple of years when it wasn't fully funded, that it was causing districts to have to put on extra or additional millage in the county to have to make up the difference. When they fully funded MAEP it gave us a bit of relief. It gave us the money that we need to fund the educational system for each district," Little said.

The board also approved purchasing the Edusoft computer system, a type of road map, which allows school officials and teachers to keep track of a student's progress. It allows projection of what that student will likely score on state and federal tests.

"It's an expensive amount up front, but we believe for the benefit we'll get out of it, our students are worth it."

The cost will be about $100,000 the first year.