Learning by Doing

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Sixth graders at West Lauderdale Middle School are likely more knowledgeable about the election process after completing a special project that included a mock election, a political debate and a visit from Meridian Mayor John Robert Smith.

"It was just a real good experience for them," said teacher Marsha Stoddard. "They got real excited and involved in it and we really had fun with it. I feel like they've really learned a lot from it."

"She gave us the experience of learning how to vote like the grown-ups do," said Valerie Smith.

The students researched candidates and actually had to register to vote. Stoddard says hands-on and timely projects such as this help the children to excel.

"We've stressed the importance of getting out and voting on election day," said Stoddard.

The hope is that better citizens are created for the community as a result of the project.