Status of Veto Debated

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The outcome of Tuesday night's board of aldermen meeting in Marion remains unresolved. The dispute began at a previous board meeting.

"In last month's meeting we made a motion to eliminate the water manager position due to a cost cutting measure that we were hoping would help the citizens on their high water bills," said Alderman Elvis Hudson. "The mayor vetoed the motion."

At the meeting Tuesday night, the aldermen tried unsuccessfully to override that veto.

"It was brought back up for a vote and it came back up, it was still a
3-2 vote so the mayor's veto, it looked like, stood," Hudson said.

That's when Marion resident Jerry Betterton made the point that the veto had not been signed. Mayor Malcolm Threatt then signed the veto there at the meeting.

"He signed it on camera tonight, which means that the veto is actually null and void, due to the fact that he has ten days to sign the veto," said Betterton.

Town attorney Tom Goldman refused to answer questions from town officials regarding the matter.

"When you pay me more than $300 a month, I will answer any question from any citizen from the town. For $300 a month, I think that's a little much. It's time for a new lawyer ya'll," Goldman said.

"Our attorney has taken it upon himself to represent the mayor and a few special groups of people at our town meeting," said Hudson. "He's not representing the board as a whole. When we talk to him about questions we need an answer we don't get them. I don't know where to take it from there except take it to the Attorney General and see what we can get for an opinion.

The meeting was quickly recessed and town officials left the building.