Barbour Holds Strategy Meeting With Black Leaders

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He says it's part of an effort to increase black voter turnout for himself and for other Republican candidates in the November 4 general election. Traditionally, most black Mississippi voters support Democrats.

Barbour says Republican Elizabeth Dole received substantial black support last year when she won an open U.S. Senate seat in North Carolina and hopes he can match her or do better.

Lisa McMurray manages the campaign for Gov. Ronnie Musgrove.

She says the governor will try to appeal to black voters the same way he tries to appeal to all voters by talking about issues.

McMurray says Musgrove has been doing some door-to-door campaigning and has visited churches in order to specifically target black voters.

Barbour said Thursday's strategy meeting was the third such statewide get-together he has had with black leaders since he launched his campaign and that he'll have others before the general election.