TVA: "We're Ready"

The blackout in the northeast U.S. spread to several states and Canada within seconds. Other parts of the country, including residents of the southeast watched in astonishment.

"One would never say never," said Van Wardlaw, vice-president of TVA's Electrical Systems. "I can tell you it has not happened here in TVA history and we have taken all the precautions to ensure that it doesn't".

The Tennessee Valley Authority controls the power grid for the southeastern United States, including Mississippi. The agency said its customers were not affected by the blackout, but its operation is still linked to the rest of the nation.

Wardlaw said TVA took immediate action to keep power supplies stable.

"We'll continue to ensure the liability in our region, make sure TVA and to our south are stable," said Wardlaw. "So we are taking appropriate actions in the way we operate the grid. We also have our operators operating the system with more reserves in our generation portfolio as well as watching the limits on our transmission grid."