Outage Snarls Some Travel

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As the power is gradually being restored to the northeast, air passengers are still finding canceled flights and long delays at several major airports, including Hartsfield International Airport in Atlanta.

"We understand that there are a lot of flight cancellations from Atlanta," said Tom Williams, president of Meridian Airport Authority. "We have not seen many passengers coming through."

David Gramm flew into Meridian from Weschester County, New York, Friday afternoon. He said he encountered a little bit of a delay but was all smiles.

"I was lucky I was flying today," said Gramm, "and I overheard that some people would not get on flights until the weekend."

"I heard one gentleman say that he waited 28 hours," said passenger, Jennifer Yeager.

Williams said he feels that, due to lighter travel on weekends, it will help some of the backlog for those airports experiencing delays.

"I know that there will be bottlenecks, but it's the weekend so traffic is down," Williams said.

Although, Thursday's events came as a surprise for many, Williams said that Meridian Regional would likely be prepared if it happened here.

"There are back-up generator systems if there were ever to be a situation much like the one affecting the northeast," said Williams.