Two Sides of Justice

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Justices who sit with chief justice Roy Moore on the Alabama Supreme Court apparently don't want the state to face fines from a federal court for failing to remove the Ten Commandments monument.

Attorney general Bill Pryor also said he'll use his authority to see that the state obeys the order of the court. Moore said he's seeking his own remedy.

"I am filing with the U.S Supreme Court a writ of prohibition and mandamus, directing Judge Thompson to stop this interference with state government," said Moore. "I will in the very near future file a writ of certiorari with the U.S Supreme Court to preserve out inalienable rights as a state and as a nation to acknowledge God."

Moore does have support in his effort to keep the Ten Commandments on display. On Friday, an orthodox Jewish rabbi presented him with an embroidered version of the Ten Commandments, saying Moore represents the "best of America."