Agricenter Site Eroding

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A sedimentation pond a few hundred yards north of the Lauderdale County Agricenter is full and major erosion has also happened on the hillside above it. The estimated cost of repair is $350,000.

County engineer Neal Carson said it is a result of a design flaw.

"That is all resulting from erosion. When the agricenter was built, there was no drainage put in to take the roof drainage. That resulted in the runoff from the roof crossing the parking lot and then eroding the bank from this elevation 150 feet down to that sedimentation pond and, of course, the velocity of the water just cut the dirt out," said Carson.

Carson says it must be repaired quickly.

"Obviously, it's going to get worse. We have to keep the silt and sand," said Carson. "It's not far through there to Bonita Lakes and that is the purpose of the sedimentation pond is to keep the silt and sand out of Bonita."

Carson said it would run into Bonita soon, if nothing is done to stop it.

Pat Harrison Waterway District has agreed to put $50,000 into the project, but the remaining $300,000 needed for the repairs will have to be paid for by Lauderdale County.

No decision has been made yet as to where the money can be found. It is not in the 2004 budget.