Reeves Campaigns in East Mississippi

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With a little more than a week remaining until the August 26 runoff elections, republican candidate for state treasurer, Tate Reeves, campaigned Monday in Meridian.

An investment banker, Reeves garnered 49 percent of the vote in the republican primary. He said his money management skills give him the qualifications necessary to be Mississippi's state treasurer.

"For the last seven years, my job has been almost identical to that of the state treasurer; only I do it in the private sector. For instance, I manage hundreds of millions of dollars for Mississippians," Reeves said. "On a daily basis I help my clients meet their financial obligations, which is exactly what the state treasurer does on behalf of our citizens."

Reeves faces former legislator and transportation commissioner Wayne Burkes in the runoff for the GOP nomination.

Reeves or burkes will face the winner of a democratic runoff August 26 between former state fiscal officer Gary Anderson and state Sen. Rob Smith.