Melia Peavey Honored

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The difference that Melia Peavey made by starting Peavey House over ten years ago is still being felt, but now as a part of the larger organization, Hope Village for Children.

"It proves one thing, that one person can make a difference," said Wayne Goodman, Melia's father, obviously moved by the gesture.

Monday would have been Peavey's 49th birthday. Hope Village took the opportunity to dedicate one of its cottages in her memory.

"I just think it's so special that there's something for her memory that we can keep remembering and knowing all the things that she did to make a difference in children's lives," said Melia's mother, Doris Goodman.

Melia's Cottage, as it will be called from now on, fulfills the mission of the original Peavey House.

Tina Dyess said that mission remains the same, even though Peavey House is now a part of something larger.

"Peavey House has been changed. It is now an intricate part, of Hope Village and it is one of our cottages that houses our emergency children, ages birth to 12, which is exactly what Peavey House was," Dyess said.

Hope Village is able to serve about 50 percent more children in its current location than Peavey House was able to do. Dyess said it is still growing and always in need of help from the community it serves.