Veterans, Heroes

Reflecting on the past, while looking ahead to the future, faculty, staff and students at Southeast Lauderdale HIgh School paused Friday to honor the nation's true heros, veterans.

With at least 30 Americans soldiers killed in Iraq this week alone, six of those today, organizers say perhaps now more than ever it's important for young people to appreciate what soldiers sacrifice.

"Mainly so they will remember to appreciate our freedom. It's simply because we can lose it," said Algie Davis, who organized the program.

Thanks to men and women who fought in combat from World War II to today, Davis says there is still relative peace in this land of the free and home of the brave.

Although all veterans were recognized as part of the day, special recognition was given to those who fought in the Vietnam War.

"Because of the way they were treated when they came home," said Davis. "There were news clips where people spit on them, booed them, called them baby killers, murderers, everything."

Students gave the veterans present a standing ovation.

"That means more than my retirement and everything else, because it means what I've endured and all I did not go in vain," said Vietnam veteran Sam Morrison.