New Home for Love

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Ruth Vinson Irwin, a member of the Love's Kitchen board of directors announced Tuesday that an agreement for a new building has been reached.

"I have asked all of the people from the city of Meridian to try to help with a new building for Love's Kitchen and they have agreed," Irwin said.

Meridian's mayor said a piece of property owned by the city on 18th Avenue, just north of Rite Aid, will be donated for the site.

Mrs. Billy Neville's late husband founded Love's Kitchen over 20 years ago.

"It's been a dream of ours to have our own home for a long time. Maybe we're finally going to do it," said Nita Neville.

Present for today's announcement were the Rev. Edward O'Connor of St. Paul's Episcopal Church and the Rev. Mike Dobrosky of Church of the Mediator.

"This is the place where people come when they come to Meridian in need of a hot meal," said O'Connor. "It's a place to come. We go out into the community and deliver meals as well, so it's a real integral piece of help in this community."

"My congregation has many forms of ministry that go beyond themselves in the parish out into the community," said Dobrosky. "We do things with shelters. We just do all sorts of things. We consider that part of our ministry beyond ourselves at the Church of the Mediator. Helping others."

Love's Kitchen feeds an average of 250 people a day, five days a week.