Jansko Building Sold

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The Jansko building, at one time an economic albatross around the neck of Lauderdale County, has been sold, and at a profit. County administrator Rex Hiatt informed the supervisors on Monday.

"Probably six years ago the county issued $1.8 million dollars in bonds to purchase that building for Jansko, with the promise they would repay the bonds," said Hiatt. "Unfortunately Jansko filed bankruptcy and defaulted on the bonds and the county had to become responsible for them. A year later, after the default, the county leased that building to Saunders. Saunders now has purchased that building from the county and now owns the building."

Hiatt said the county made money on the deal.

"Showed a profit after all the expenses were paid on the building cause we had to pay the bonds on the building, insurance, repairs, maintenance, all that has been repaid and made about $100,000 equity on the building," said the county administrator. "We're happy with that."

Also at Monday's meeting of the supervisors District 2's Jimmie Smith said people who think there is conflict between the supervisors and the mayor and council are wrong.

"And the reason that I even brought it up is because I think there are some people out there that think that we're fist fighting in the backroom or something," said Smith. "And we get along pretty well."

LEMA Director Clarence Butler said Lauderdale County will soon establish an emergency response team for possible disasters.

"This will be able to handle biological, nuclear or most any kind of disaster we may have in this area," said Butler.

Up to $100,000 will be provided by the federal government for equipment and training.