Cross Country Trek

"We wake up by five a.m., get on the road by six. Try to get about two-third's of our miles done by lunch time," said leader, Guy Hughes.

By midday these teens have already bicycled more than 60 miles.

Ranging in age from the leader who is 25 to the bikers who are from all over the U.S. and in their early to mid-teens, these young people are putting their bodies to the test by biking cross country.

"Most of the time we spend on back roads," Hughes said.

Their journey began last Sunday in Savannah, Georgia. A group called Overland from Massachusetts, which organize similar trips throughout the U.S. and abroad, organized it.

For this group their six-week trek is scheduled to end in Los Angeles.

However, as you can imagine, in the meantime there's still a whole lot in between.

"We all have like 100 ounces of water," said Alex Mahoney. "What we're really surviving on is a lot of water and a lot of food."

On average, the group eats at least six times a day.

At night churches or civic groups along the way generally house the group.

With only the bare minimum of everything, participants say the journey is definitely a challenge of self-will.

"I think that's what makes it so special at times you realize how little you need," said Mahoney.

"Anybody can do it, but it's not for everybody," said Bob Glotfelty and Angela Baylas.

The group's set to arrive in Los Angeles on Aug. 2.