City-Comcast Negotiate

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Cable rates topped the list of questions about the Comcast contract. It appears there can be little or no change.

"A very small fraction of the Comcast bill is actually subject to the city’s review," said Mayor John Robert Smith. "That is the absolute basic minimum bill. Anything else the FCC has specifically said we do not have authority to have input or control over."

Meridian's chief administrative officer added there may be a major change in the operation of Cable channel 12, the public access channel.

"Comcast is looking at giving Meridian Community College more control of channel 12, to put on a lot of their lectures, to do more local televising of events that are occurring around here," said Ken Storms.

Storms said other negotiations revolve around coverage of city council and board of supervisors meetings.

The franchise fee itself is under negotiation. This year the city budgeted for $270,000 from Comcast.