Five Days Left in Race

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Eddie Harper and Sidney Covington were the top vote getters in an original field of five Republicans. No Democrats or independents qualified to run for the office being vacated by Hank Florey.

Harper told Newscenter 11 the points he says are most important to voters.

"We've been trying to get out the facts that we have the experience it takes to do this job," Harper said. "We have the business experience and construction experience to do this job and the important issues that Lauderdale County is going to be facing in the very near future that we'll be able to vote on those issues."

"We're going to work real hard to work on the flooding problem in Lauderdale County," said Harper. "We're going to work on the northern bypass."

We put the same question to Covington.

"I want the voters to know I'm definitely the most qualified for this. I've got experience, I have maturity, I have ability, I have the background," Covington said. "It's been proven. I stand on my record. It's a good one. It has been a contributive one to the Lauderdale County entirety and I want to continue with that."

"There are very many issues and only a few have been pointed out. One of them certainly is economic development. I would hit the ground running on economic development," said Covington. "Another one is I think that I would act as a very good liaison and also as a person who can act on checks and balances between the city and county government."