Moore: Full Appeal Pending

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Chief Justice Roy Moore gave an impassioned defense of his Ten Commandments monument Thursday afternoon in Montgomery before a cheering crowd. He promised a full appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court. But for now, he's unable to stop the granite marker from being moved from the rotunda of the Alabama judicial building.

Eight associate justices overruled Moore and ordered the monument moved, obeying a federal court order.

Moore lashed out at what he described as "this so-called rule of law.'' He said it's the kind of blind obedience that allowed slavery to continue during the era when it was lawful.

Moore also had harsh words for the federal judge who ruled against him, saying District Judge Myron Thompson put himself "above God'' as well as above the law.

Thompson ruled that the Ten Commandments monument violates the American Constitution's ban on government promotion of a religious doctrine. Moore had it installed in the building's rotunda two years ago.