Bank CEO, Former Justice to Lead Barbour Transition

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The transition chairmen, announced Tuesday, are former Supreme Court Justice Reuben Anderson of Jackson and Hancock Bank CEO George Schloegel of Gulfport.

Anderson is a long-time Democrat and was the first black Mississippi Supreme Court justice since Reconstruction, serving 19-85 to 19-90. He is a lawyer and has served on corporate boards with Barbour, including the board of Mississippi Chemical Corporation.

Schloegel served on Democratic Governor William Winter's transition team after the 1979 election and was founder and the first chairman of the strategic planning group Coast 21.

Barbour defeated Democratic Governor Ronnie Musgrove in last week's election and takes office January 13.

Barbour said several others have agreed to work on his transition, including former state Representative Charlie Williams, an ex-Democrat who switched to the Republican Party and ran unsuccessfully for governor in 1999; and Jimmy Heidel, who led the state's economic development agency under Republican Governor Kirk Fordice in the 1990s.