Election Preps

In the August 5 primary election there was a relatively low voter turnout. In fact, in Lauderdale County six out of every ten eligible voters in Lauderdale County did not go to the polls. However, with good weather projected for the runoff, election officials are hopeful that things will change for the better.

For those of you throughout the state who did not vote earlier this month, you can vote in the runoff election. On the ballot for statewide positions are candidates for Treasurer and Commissioner of Agriculture.

Meanwhile in Lauderdale County, voters in District one will decide on a new supervisor between Republican candidates Eddie Harper and Sidney Covington.

As for other heated races locally, in Jasper County voters will decide on a sheriff, while in Kemper and Neshoba Counties voters will decide on democratic nominees for sheriff.

With Tuesday's runoff election, Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson says there are some things that voters statewide need to know.

"If you voted Democratic two weeks ago, you need to vote Democratic tomorrow. If you voted Republican you have to vote for the same party. It's a primary, so you have to stay in your same party. Of course, in November it's a general election and you vote anyway you want to," says Johnson.

If you voted in the first primary election on August 5, all you have to do to vote in the runoff is go to the same precinct where you voted before. However, if you didn't vote before and want to vote in the runoff just look on your voter registration card, on the left hand side at the red writing. That will tell you where you need to go to vote.

Polls open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m.

Mississippi Secretary of State Eric Clark is not predicting how many people will vote in Tuesday's runoffs. But he says if history is a guide, turnout will be lower than it was in the first round of primaries three weeks ago.

Clark also said he is not expecting federal observers. The Justice Department sends people to watch elections when there are complaints about possible interference with voting.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.