Harley Marks Milestone

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Harley Davidson started building motorcycles in 1903. Harley riders from all across the country are making the "Ride Home" headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to mark its 100th anniversary.

"That's where Harleys are manufactured. That's where all of our Harleys came from so we're going to go back and celebrate the birth of Harley," said Vickie Piatt of Los Angeles, a Harley owner who stopped in Meridian.

"We're heading on up to Tennessee to spend the night with a friend that I went to school with, cruise on to Champaign, Illinois, spend the day, drink some champagne," said Harley owner Sandy Vinson of New Orleans. "Then after that, we're going to go on into Wisconsin. I want to see B.B. King Wednesday night."

Bikers say they love Harley for the quality of the bike and even for the distinct sound it makes.

"The people that ride them, when you meet people out there on the road, everybody's your friend, your family, your neighbor," Vinson added.

"There's no other way to journey across country except on a Harley. Everybody's got to do it at least once in their lifetime. It's fabulous," said Piatt.

For almost a year, the company has held activities in the U.S. and abroad, leading up to its big Centennial Celebration this week in Milwaukee.