Newton County Election Update

And the winner Geraldine Seals by 8 votes over democratic challenger Nancy Kidd. The final count was 3,813 votes to 3,805. However even after the final tally, questions are still being raised.

Here's the concern: affidavit ballots are those used when questions are raised about whether a person is voting at the right precinct. By law these must be hand counted.

Kidd says her concern is that instead of being counted by hand 11 affidavit ballots were mixed with the regular ballots. With no way to tell exactly which ballots were the affidavits, Kidd says for her at least for now, the reviewing process is not over yet.

"I congratulate Geraldine because she's in the lead, but there are a lot of irregularities that went on that I will always think about. I think for my sake and my supporters sake, we do need may need to check the boxes.

As for contesting the results in court Kidd says, "I'm not sure about that. I'd rather not comment yet."

Meanwhile, in response to the results, Seals says it's somewhat bittersweet.

"I'm naturally glad to be chosen but with all the problems that have come up, it's kind of hard to feel good about it."

"I feel we did the best we can. I hope everybody will be satisfied," says election commissioner L.D. Rigdon.

With the results now certified, Kidd has twelve days to request to review the ballots.