Mom Gets Good News

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Diane Boren of Meridian knew her son, National Guardsman Hawk Weir, 25, was scheduled to come home from Iraq for Thanksgiving, but then the telephone rang.

"We got a phone call, my daughter-in-law did, and said the chopper went down. We didn't know if it got shot down or if it was just mechanical. My heart was just broken," said Boren. "I said, Lord, where is my son and whoever else is on that chopper? I said, as a mother, all these mothers understand. And I didn't hear anything from him until they called and said he was in Ft. Hood, Texas. Oh, I was beside myself. I said, thank you, Lord. It's the best Thanksgiving I've ever had."

Boren will meet her son in Pascagoula for a Thanksgiving visit, but Weir has to return to Iraq on Dec.15.