Harper, Covington Reflect

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Eddie Harper says hard work and his position on the issues resulted in his nearly 300 vote margin over Sidney Covington on Tuesday.

"I believe getting out and beating the streets again and just telling our message to the people, listening to them know that we were going to do a good job, honest job, and put 110 percent behind everything we did," said Harper. "I think that just the hard work paid off. I really do."

"We told the people what we want to try to accomplish in this thing and it hit home with them and they took it in and voted for us," Harper said.

Covington, who led the field in the first primary, is still searching for answers. NewsCenter 11 asked if she thinks some allegations of a possible conflict of interest affected the election.

"If it did, it shouldn't have and I think that a lot of our citizens are going to find that out, sadly enough, but they'll find that out," said Convington, who along with her husband is involved in property development.

"I probably would do this again," Covington added. "You know, better to have tried it and not succeed this time because I have no regrets. I ran a clean campaign and a real straightforward campaign and just because I didn't win now I am the victor in a lot of other ways."

Since there were no Democrats or independents running for the office, Harper will take office in January.