Serving Love on a Plate

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Thanksgiving is a day for feasting, spending time with family, and of course, giving. That's what some volunteers did at Love's Kitchen in Meridian.

"I do it to give back to the community and it makes me feel good that I am helping someone. I'm glad to see that everyone's enjoying today," said volunteer Eloise Jenkins.

"This is the only meal someone might get today," said student volunteer
Joy Cavenaugh.

The key word is love at Love's Kitchen and that's what every volunteer here puts into the food that they prepare and serve to the many people that come here.

"I've enjoyed it so much that I have decided to come back year after year and I am even more excited that some of my students are here,"
said Richard Kelly, principal of Northeast Lauderdale Middle School.

"You never know when the world might end for you, so I want to help other people," said student volunteer T.J. Ballou.

"Just like your next door neighbor needs some help, somebody needs to share the blessings of Thanksgiving," added Cavenaugh.

For Tommy Graham, this was not only a Thanksgiving meal for him, but a birthday feast as he turned 58.

"I think they are a very special group of people," said Graham.

Over one hundred plates were prepared and served. Love's Kitchen has been bringing this special ministry to the hungry and homeless for over 21 years.