Fired Officer Returns to MPD

Meridian Police Officer Rita Jack lost her job two years ago after an internal investigation into theft of money and checks from the front desk. Jack was never charged with a crime.

Jack said even though the court vindicated her, she doesn't yet fee vindicated. She said that may take time.

An outside review of the case produced no charge or indictment.
Jack was also reinstated by the Civil Service Commission a year
ago. The city of Meridian appealed to circuit court, which upheld the reinstatement.

In addition to ruling her dismissal was improper, Circuit Judge Robert Bailey ordered Jack be compensated for two years of lost wages.

Jack requalified on the shooting range Thursday morning. When she returns to patrol, Jack will spend a couple of weeks with a field training officer before resuming regular patrol duties. Jack says she's ready to return to the career she chose in 1998.