Children First: Summer Reading Success

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Not all kids took a break from the books this past summer. A program at Lamar Elementary School encouraged students to make reading a summer priority.

Children involved in the "Raider Readers" program received outstanding achievement awards for their summer reading.

Readers turn in their total number of pages read at the beginning of each school year.

The top raider reader was Elizabeth Clark, who read over 11,000 pages this past summer.

"I just love to read," said Clark. "I like Ginny Me Jones books the best."

"I treat reading as a game for fun," said Luke Shin, the leader for 5th grade. "So usually I just read my favorite books like over the summer when I'm bored/"

"I just push myself and push myself and push myself," said Ross Bell, the winner in 2nd Grade, who read 7,573 pages.

"I think it gives something to strive for, encourages them to continue reading and keeping up those skills," said organizer, Susan Sheean.

"And that's what our educators think is important. They don't lose those skills over the summer."

Raider reader winners receive books, trophies and gift certificates to the school's upcoming book fair.

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