UWA Board Appointments

At the end of this month five board of trustees members at the University of West Alabama could lose their positions. Come December 31st, the 12-year terms for Dwight Duke, Robert Keahey, Terry Bunn, Paul Hamerick and Nat Watkins will end. With this in mind some of the outgoing members are encouraging the public to get actively involved in the selection process.

"This university means so much to this community and if somebody feels compelled or strong enough about this institution that they want to drop the governor a letter or people on his staff, I think he would welcome that!" says board member Terry Bunn.

Within the next month, Alabama governor Bob Riley will decide whether to grant the current members another term or name new members to the board. Since last March the board has been split into two different groups, which meet separately at different times and in different locations. The split occurred after a dispute about an appointment.