Paving Projects Delayed

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Adoption of the street paving list was to be item number 12 on the agenda for the Meridian City Council Tuesday, but it was moved.

"The adoption of the street paving list will be placed on the study agenda until the cost can be ascertained," said council president Barbara Henson at the start of the meeting.

"We've got some new streets we need to evaluate. The council has gone out and looked at some more streets and found some more that they would like to be considered in the paving list and we haven't got those, the length and the width and the actual damage, and what needs to be done on the streets to do the repairs," said public works director Monty Jackson.

The list that was to have been approved showed 125 streets already. Fifteen were in Ward 1, 23 in Ward 2, 25 in Ward 3, 25 in Ward 4 and 37 in Ward 5.

Jackson said it will be spring before the work begins.

"I think probably March is going to be a good start time. We're talking about 45 miles of paving and we just need to look at how long it's going to take a contractor to do that," Jackson said. "We haven't gotten to that level of evaluation of the program yet."

The bonds covering funding for street repair have already been sold. "

The amount of money of the bond issue is $6 million. Now part of that has to go to issuance and stuff like that, so we've included all that into evaluation of how much money we're going to have available for actual paving," said Jackson.

Jackson said he doesn't consider the council action a delay, only another step in the evaluation process.