185th to Mobilize Soon

The Mississippi National Guard's Company G, 185th Aviation, based in Meridian, has received mobilization orders in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Approximately 125 members will report on Jan. 3, to make preparations for their departure to Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on Jan. 6. They will be deployed overseas.

The mission of Company G is to move troops and cargo, conduct heavy lift for combat equipment, and damaged aircraft recovery. The pilots fly the CH-47 Chinook helicopter that is the primary heavy life aircraft for the U.S. Army.

Five pilots from Company G were mobilized in March and have since returned. This will be the first time the entire unit has been mobilized since the global war on terrorism began.

"Once again, our nation has called on Mississippi to protect freedom here at home," said Gov. Ronnie Musgrove. "I am extremely proud of all our Mississippi soldiers and airmen."

Under partial mobilization, reservists can be activated for 24 months. However, this does not indicate how long this group will actually be mobilized.