Harpole Asks for Review

A candidate in the democratic primary for Kemper County sheriff has asked to review the ballot boxes from the Aug. 26 runoff.

Johnny Harpole, who finished 45 votes behind incumbent sheriff Sam Tisdale in the certified results, served notice of his request Tuesday.

"The candidate can go in and look at the actual ballots, the absentee ballots, absentee applications, the ballot envelopes, affidavit ballots, sign in sheets, voters rolls, just anything in the boxes," said Marvin Wiggins, a member of the Democratic Executive Committee, "and then determine if all the laws were done properly if all the laws were followed. It can be as simple as, did the proper person initial the ballot or was the absentee ballot signed properly?"

Wiggins said the candidate has the option to ask the democratic committee to reconsider the election results.