Commandments Draw More Mississippi Support

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It has been about a week since the Ten Commandments monument was wheeled out of the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building. Supporters of the monument have dropped to about a dozen or so protesting outside the building.

Still, supporters like Kalen Anderson and Cayce Ann Bond of Hickory, Miss., are still coming to Montgomery hoping that the monument will one day return.

"I hope they get out back in and I hope the U.S. would just wake up and realize what's going on and realize what's important," said Anderson.

The battle to return the Ten Commandments monument is still waging in the federal courts. Many visitors say this religious battle is an historic one.

"History is being made today, and I mean our Christian background is kind of being tested right now," Bond said.

While the number of supporters for the Ten Commandments monument are down from the hundreds last week, they are still coming to Montgomery saying this war is far from over.

"If we let this happen, if we just stand back and let this happen to Alabama... I mean we're right next door to Mississippi and I mean it's going to happen eventually to us or someone else," said Bond.

"By the time I'm older, I would hate to see what it's going to be like," Anderson said. "We're supposed to have freedom of religion and they're taking it away."

A judge is expected to rule Thursday about whether to dismiss a case filed by three Alabama residents to keep the Ten Commandments monument in the judicial building.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.