Musgrove-Barbour Spar

The two major party candidates for governor met in a forum Thursday at the University of Mississippi.

Incumbent democrat Ronnie Musgrove and republican challenger Haley Barbour took verbal swings at each other.

Musgrove criticized Barbour, the former chairman of the Republican National Committee, for "using his position (then) to garner support for NAFTA." Musgrove said NAFTA has taken over 42,000 jobs from Mississippi.

Barbour said Mississippi was in its best financial shape ever three and a half years ago, before Musgrove became governor. Now, he said it's in its worst financial shape ever.

The two candidates were invited by ole miss's associated student body.

Barbour and Musgrove have agreed to a series of four debates. The first is Sept. 29 in Jackson. The exact location has yet to be announced.