Area Schools Get Graded

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One of the biggest things on the minds of school officials all over the state are the just released test scores and their schools' achievement levels.

Among those that fared well was Newton County.

"We are very happy pleased with our scores and we know where our weakness is," said Newton County superintendent Billy Pierce. "Our high school was less than a .1 percent of being a Level 5 school."

Although Newton County's elementary and high schools both met a Level 4 exemplary achievement, Pierce said he feels that in areas such as math, there is work to be done.

"It does not stop here," said Pierce. "We are continuing to work hard so that we can achieve that Level 5 status."

City of Newton
Pilate Middle School 3
Newton Elementary 3
Newton High 3

Neshoba County
Neshoba Central Elementary 4
Neshoba Central High 3
Neshoba Cental Middle 3

Kemper County
East Kemper Attendance Center 3
Kemper County High 2
West Kemper Elementary 2

Philadelphia Elementary 3
Philadelphia High 3

City of Union
Union High School 4

West Jasper
Bay Springs Elementary 3
Bay Springs High 3
Bay Springs Middle 3
Stringer Attendance Ctr. 5

East Jasper
Heidelberg High 1
Wm. J Berry 2

Enterprise Elementary 4
Enterprise High 5
Enterprise Middle 5

City of Quitman
Quitman High 4
Quitman Jr. High 4
Quitman Upper Elementary 3
Quitman Lower Elementary Not Assigned