Senators Kickoff Campaigns

Two republican state senators Monday kicked off their campaigns for reelection.

Sen. Videt Carmichael of Meridian and Sen. Terry Burton of Newton made their announcements at republican headquarters in Meridian.

"This Senate district, District 33, has not built any seniority in 12 years. We've had the opportunity, but did not build any seniority that we need," said Carmichael, who won his first term in 1999 as a Democrat. He switched to the GOP in May 2002.

"The three points that I'm most proud of in my service to my community is the accessibility, availability and accountability that I try to share with the people who sent me to Jackson," said Burton, also a former Democrat. He served over two terms as a Democrat before switching to the GOP in December 2002.

Both candidates were endorsed by a number of senate colleagues.

On Nov. 4, Burton is opposed by democrat Jason Mangum and independent Luke Gibbon.

Carmichael faces independent Gilford Dabbs of Quitman.