Ten Commandments "Return"

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A Ten Commandments display put together by Alabama Gov. Bob Riley opened Tuesday in an exhibit room at the Capitol in Montgomery. The plaque was praised by some church leaders who support displays of the commandments in government buildings.

Riley had the display built after supporters of a Ten Commandments monument that was removed from the state judicial building presented him with a plaque bearing the commandments last week.

Riley's display includes the Ten Commandments, among other historical documents.

Chief Justice Roy Moore, who was suspended for refusing to comply with a federal court order to remove his commandments monument, said Monday in Birmingham that a display like Riley's was unacceptable.

Moore told a crowd of about 1500 people at a fundraising dinner for his legal defense that "to put things around the Ten Commandments and secularize it is to deny the greatness of God.''

But a couple dozen monument supporters who visited the new display said it was satisfactory.