Healthwatch: Pain in the...Foot

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In a lifetime, we put up to 100,000 miles on our feet. We pound the ground and squeeze our soles into sinful shoes. Over the years, our toes take a toll.

"They can end up having arthritis, bunion deformities, complications later in life," said Dr. Aram Isaiants, a podiatrist.

Podiatrists say the answer is to realign your step and reinforce your arches. The right orthotics can fill in what mother nature intended.

Walking barefoot on the beach is good therapy. Sand conforms to the contours of the feet and supports the soles.

There are products ranging from $2.00 to over $200. On the low end: foam and gel supports. But do they help?

Isaiants says the inserts you find at your local pharmacy may provide some cushioning, but little else. He says a person with pain needs support. Podatrists examine a patient's gait and create custom orthotics made out of sturdy material.

"That will help place the patient put less stress on the joints," said Isaiants.

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