Marion vs. Meridian, Again

Marion Mayor Malcom Threatt said Tuesday that its current method of paying for sewage treatment cannot continue. He made the remarks to the board of aldermen.

"We can't live with this. We can't charge our people this amount of money," said Threatt. "So I'm writing a letter to the city council and to the mayor of the city of Meridian for some relief."

Currently, the amount of sewage treated is based on a flow meter between the cities. Threat says that is not a fair way of measuring it.

"What we're saying is we intend to pay the city of Meridian based on our water sales at the water meter at each individual house or place of business," said Threatt.

Meridian city council president Barbara Henson confirmed Wednesday there may be litigation.

"Upon receipt of the letter from Marion, Bill Hammack, our city attorney, has contacted Jerry Mills, the attorney who handled our previous litigation with Marion, and they will decide on the appropriate action for the city to take," Henson said.

Henson said there's a strong possibility that the issue might be discussed at Tuesday's city council meeting.

Larry Thrash, a long time resident of Marion, was a member of a group who went to see Meridian officials last week in an attempt to work out a compromise. The Marion group was unsuccessful.

"My comment was that 'y'all don't leave us any choice' except to try to get our own system back in line," said Thrash.

Mayor Threatt has estimated building a sewage treatment plant for Marion could cost $1.8 million.