Boyington: E2-C2 to Kingsville

As NewsCenter 11 reported Wednesday, the chief of naval air training has decided not to move the T-2 Buckeye Trainer jets from NAS Meridian to Kingsville, Texas.

But the Navy's advanced E2-C2 flight instruction program will be moved from Meridian to Kingsville.

The T-2's will continue to be used in intermediate and advanced strike training at Meridian until they are replaced by more T-45s.

"The jobs and the planes will stay in Meridian," said Cong. Chip Pickering, Thursday in Washington. "This is good news for NAS Meridian and good news for the economy in our area and in our community. So I was very pleased that this is just one other indication of the Navy's commitment to NAS Meridian to maximize the jobs and to keep our mission strong."

Rear admiral John Boyington said the Navy is still committed to phasing out the T-2 and bringing in more T-45 aircraft, which has a more modern design.