MS Tests Scores Higher

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State education officials call the test results "a home run." On three different tests, Mississippi students improved their scores over last year, almost across the board.

On the Mississippi Curriculum Test, given to elementary students, grades were up in all areas; reading, language, and math.

On the Mississippi Writing Assessment, which is given to grades 4 through 7, the average score was up almost a half point on a five-point scale.

And on the Terra Nova test, given nationally to students in grades 5 through 8, scores were up from last year in reading, language and math.

Education officials say the scores are a reflection of the improvements in the state's school systems.

Scores for individual districts won't be released until next week, as the numbers are analyzed by each district and school. But local officials NewsCenter 11 reached are optimistic their scores will reflect the statewide averages.